Is ‘mainstream’ the new cultural minority? With a large section of today’s youth turning away from commercialism and rejecting the values of the so-called ‘X Factor generation’, there’s an evident decline in the number people who would still rather listen to Olly Murs than pose and pout to some hipster/rave/trance music (or at least, there’s a decline in the people who would admit to it).  


It’s ‘oh so cool’ to be hipster these days. You’ll usually find these people telling you that they’re inspired by something like impressionist art and there’s absolutely no chance you’d catch them drinking a Starbucks or wearing anything that looks like it’s an extension of capitalist society. Everything has to be cool, new, and alternative. Being hipster or indie or anything else that isn’t part of the cultural masses, makes you instantly cool. It’s a twisted irony that the emergence of this cultural Renaissance can mainly be seen on social networking sites like Twitter. But hey, if you have to use something as mainstream as Twitter, then let’s make the most of it. You can start with your profile picture – just stand up against a wall, bend over so you’re facing the camera and stare blankly into it. It’s really cool if you can do something weird with your hands too – maybe cover your eyes with your forearm or something original like that! Just don’t tweet about the X Factor or anything that most people like. I mean, even Bon Iver is pushing the limits of acceptability now – it’s best not to mention anyone who has gained any recognition.


Shows like The X Factor are a breeding ground for bubblegum pop, but it really annoys me when singers who try to be all moody, indie and rock-like go on the show and demand to be taken seriously as an alternative artist. It makes me want to scream “you’re on one of the most commercial TV shows in the world. Stop pretending to be cool and hipster”. But I suppose I would say that.


It doesn’t really matter though, because there isn’t such a thing as ‘original thought’. Everything we think of has been thought of before, so like it or not, even those skinny hipped, tattoo-laden rockers are part of the masses. I hold my hands up; I’m commercial, X-Factor generation and a product of mainstream society. Look down on us all you want from your graffiti-ridden ivory tower, but let’s face it – originality simply doesn’t exist, it’s all been done before and we’re the same by default. Totes awks.


Jay. (Because I’m trying not to conform to what society would expect me to sign off as – no way am I                signing off as Jamie).


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