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Apologies for the lack of post in recent days, but I’ve been up to my eyes in coursework, reading Restoration comedies, Irish dramas and Romantic poetry and all the jazz.

I felt it necessary to deviate from my usual blog-post form, which usually consists of either some Leaving Cert notes, an overly indulgent recipe or a rambling rant (which is possibly equally as indulgent, with more emphasis on the ‘self’). This is a blog post dedicated to the goddess that is Cheryl Cole. I know, it’s so mainstream, so uncool, so pop culture. So me.

The glorious Cheryl Cole

Okay, let me bore you with some Bieber-esque fanglirl-ish info. On 1st March, Cheryl Cole tweeted me (and retweeted me, I’ll have you know). After much pestering her to look at my Cheryl Cole birthday cake, she finally saw it. I could go on about how the glorification of the celebrity is a worrying emerging trend in today’s society, but I’m too busy still trying to catch my breath after realising that CHERYL COLE IS AWARE OF MY EXISTENCE. This is what is great about Twitter – it gives you a direct connection to the celebrity and a chance to have some kind of virtual interaction with them and then philosphise o’er the issue for days.


Le Tweet from @CherylCole

Well, I’m no Hamlet, I’m just ecstatic that Cheryl Cole (my obsession) tweeted me and called me BABE! Cheryl became known as ‘the nation’s sweetheart’ during her 3 year stint on the UK X Factor and since then, she has become a figure of adulation and consequently a global sex symbol. Talk about commercialism and mainstream rhubarb all you like, with her campaign for L’Oreal gracing our TV screens, her upcoming cameo in “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”, the release of her third album on its way and talk of a tour, Cheryl Cole is firmly in pole position after Simon ungraciously sacked her from the American X Factor. Proving that you can’t keep Cheryl down for long, it looks like she’s all set for world domination. And I got a Tweet from her – YAY! In the words of the lady herself – “*bbm dancing guy*”.


The Cheryl Cole cake

That’s all for now folks – still hyperventilating over this.



In praise of Cheryl Cole


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