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Louis Walsh responds to Cheryl’s comments – Jamie Tuohy

When Cheryl Cole told Marie Claire last week that “Louis [Walsh] claimed to be our manager, but he never did it”, the 59 year old Irishman was never going to stay quiet. Hitting back at Cheryl’s claims that he had “zero involvement” in Girls Aloud, Louis called Cheryl ‘fake’ and branded her nothing more than ‘a clothes horse’.


Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh backstage at X Factor in more amiable times

Louis told Heat magazine that he is a better manager than Cheryl is a singer and claimed that she is more involved in fashion these days than she is with singing. In his stinging attack, the manager went on to say that Cheryl needs vocal lessons and said “she’s a nice girl, but needs to get her own way”.

The beauty of blogging means that there’s no need for objectivity and I think Louis’ comments are insultingly harsh and far too personal – a far cry from Cheryl’s relatively innocuous remark about his ability as a manager.

I met Louis just before Christmas and when I asked him what he thought of Cheryl, he said she was “a lazy judge” and “she definitely will never return to X Factor”. He was a genuinely nice guy to chat to, if not a little too willing to reveal all the X Factor gossip (I recall him telling me that ‘Kelly and Tulisa hate each other’ and Kitty (she had just been voted off) was an absolute nightmare to work with – “she would bang her head against the wall if she didn’t get her own way”). 


Louis and I

With her new single Call My Name due for release in the coming weeks and a rumoured debut on The Voice UK, it appears Cheryl has well and truly left her X Factor days behind her, and is hardly neglecting her music in favour of fashion, as Louis says. As a Cheryl fan, I’m obviously going to defend her, but Louis did help create her career, even if she says he didn’t do much after that. Louis and Cheryl, can you kiss and make up? Play nice!


Cheryl on the set of her new single "Call My Name", which will be premiered on BBC Radio 1 on April 20th




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