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Get the Look: George Lamb – Jamie Tuohy

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TV and radio presenter George Lamb is a well recognized figure in the world of showbiz today, not least for his authentic and innovative sense of style.  Lamb is an aficionado when it comes to dressing and his silver haired English dandy look has become his signature.

George Lamb has topped numerous best dressed lists over the years and the success of his style resides in his ability to play with a trend and add his own instinctive flair to make the look unique and definitively his own. As a business partner to designer Adrien Sauvage, Lamb’s suits are naturally exquisitely tailored. When he’s not donning a three piece, George’s casual style is equally as dapper – combining loafers, pink trousers, neck ties and blazers. Here’s how to get his look :

George is incredibly brave when it comes to dressing and not everyone can carry of his look, however by adding certain ‘Lamb’…

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