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Exams, Exams and more Exams!

Leaving Cert English students: I have to take a break from posting Leaving Cert English notes for the next month or so, as I have my own college exams to study for, which will be finishing on May 14th.

Thank you all for viewing the blog and checking out the essays and if I get time in between reading Chaucer and analyzing literary theories, I’ll see what I can do re: posting, but I have to dedicate my time to passing my own exams first!

There are plenty of notes on the blog to keep you all going and at this stage, I’m sure you will all fly through the exam! The posts for English are the most time consuming because I usually write them from scratch, rather than referring to notes from last year (I also do this occasionally).

Thanks for viewing and I’ll get back to more frequent posting when my exams are over on May 14th, which still leaves a few weeks before the Leaving Cert begins….the usual time when students actually start studying!


Best of Luck,



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