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Calling Cheryl…..Jamie Tuohy

Okay, I know I’m late to the party. Actually the party has probably ended and all that remains are the messy memories of a great night, but the good thing is, the music is still playing.

Obviously I’m talking about the first radio play of Cheryl Cole’s new single Call My Name. The Calvin Harris produced track is a totally new sound for the British pop princess and it is to be the first single released from her upcoming third album A Million Lights.


Okay, Harris has certainly found a template that works and he isn’t letting go of his We Found Love remixes any time soon, but, hey, if it’s not broken and all that? The song is set to be a smash hit summer anthem, blending Calvin’s electro-rave energy with the feistiness and punch of Cheryl’s vocals. As Cheryl asks “how do ya think I feel when you call my name? You’ve got me confused by the way I change!”, the song becomes the ultimate Ibiza dance tune for the summer, with inflections of Rihanna-esque Caribbean tones.

The single will be released on June 10th , with the hotly anticipated video available to watch on Vevo from May 2nd! CANNOT WAIT!




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