Guide to Leaving Cert English 2012, Hamlet

Here’s an old post which has been popular over the last few days! It should certainly be one of the questions students are focusing in on – it’s long overdue!

More Matter Jamie

If there is any justice in the world, the people setting the English Leaving Cert exam this year should put a soliloquy question on the paper for the Hamlet question. If I were doing the Leaving Cert this year, this would be one of the essays I would be concentrating on, because:

  • This is an essay that basically prepares you for EVERY OTHER QUESTION.
  • If you’re asked to write about theme, you’ll be talking about how it is conveyed and that is through the characters and through WHAT THEY SAY.
  • The soliloquy essay is one in which you talk about all the different aspects of the play – you’ll be talking about the role of women, Hamlet’s procrastination and Claudius’ deceit.
  • I ALSO PREDICT THERE WILL BE SOMETHING ABOUT DECEPTION on this year’s paper and this essay is a perfect example of deception – it is only through the soliloquies…

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