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Cannes 2012: Best Dressed Men – Jamie Tuohy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you’ll be fully aware that the annual Cannes Film Festival is in fully swing, with the world’s most talented and glamorous superstars descending on the French Riviera for the festival’s 65th year.

 The prestigious festival which is running until May 27th celebrates the finest new films and documentaries from around the world. For the past few days, stars such as Eva Longoria, Cheryl Cole, Heidi Klum and Jane Fonda have paraded on the red carpet outside the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, dazzling onlookers with their showcases in stunning haute couture.

Le Festival International du Film de Cannes is undoubtedly the most publicised film festival in the world and has become an important platform for portraying various genres of European film. However, the event has also become a fashion extravaganza, which is possibly even more important than the Oscars. Whilst the Oscars often present loud images of glamour and celebrity, the Cannes Film Festival is an altogether more refined occasion but it also one where style never dominates over film. The main focus is on film, but movie stars posing for photographers has become an integral part of the festival’s tradition.

 The focus tends to be on the female stars and their choice of dress, but I decided that it was only right to give credit to the gents who make an equally respectable effort to get spruced up and don their Sunday best for the world’s paparazzi. Whether they’re partying on a yacht or walking the red carpet, these guys know that Cannes is the place to garner some serious fashion stripes. There have been classic tuxedos, relaxed suits and anti-conventionalists wearing jeans (Kanyé West, I’m looking at you) and as the event culminates with tonight’s presentation of the Palme d’Or, we expect more displays of sartorial magnificence.

 Here’s my pick of the best dressed men at Cannes 2012:


Ewan McGregor


Zac Efron


Chris Pine


Robert Pattinson


Kanyé West with his new girlfriend Kim Kardashian


Brad Pitt




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