I’ve been an absent blogger for the last week as I was tanning (and slightly burning) under the Spanish sun and boy did I miss a lot of Cheryl-related news while I was outstretched by the pool.

The news of Cheryl’s FIRST EVER SOLO TOUR came to be by a text update from Cheryl’s website (standard), which was followed by momentary breathlessness as I thought tickets for the Irish leg of the tour were going on sale while I was out of the country. Thankfully, the hyperventilating was in vain, as the tickets aren’t going on sale until next week. Naturally, I shall be going and doing my best to meet the Geordie starlet.

Not only did I miss such a MASSIVE (dramatic, I know) announcement, but the Irish release of A Million Lights also happened during my absence. From the moment I stepped off that plane this morning and secured myself a reliable WiFi connection, I hastily downloaded Cheryl’s new album and listened to each track as if I were gorging on my first meal since returning from a year long penance in the Kerguelen Islands. I was excited, to say the least.

The album is undoubtedly Cheryl’s best work and is a natural progression from 3 Words and Messy Little Raindrops. It guides Cheryl further along the path she had built during her last two albums – taking all those feisty lyrics and upbeat dance rhythms, but mixing them with fresh new sounds such as dub-step.

Cheryl’s previous solo efforts have been based around floor-fillers and dance numbers, and while A Million Lights certainly sticks to Cheryl’s winning formula, it also encompasses more ballads, giving the album a more personal and grown-up vibe. Having listened to all the tracks REPEATEDLY, I have decided that, until my next ‘listening session with Chezza’, “Under the Sun” is my favourite track from the album. It’s like a melodic chant that lulls you into a paradisaical island where Cheryl will happily give literal meaning to the song’s title and sing to you under glistening rays.

With a tour beckoning, a number 1 single and album practically guaranteed (again), it appears that success and Cheryl Cole go hand in hand. Congratulations Cheryl!


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