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Trending Frankie – Jamie Tuohy

The last time Frankie Cocozza got the chop was when he was axed off 2011’s X Factor for apparently breaking one the talent show’s “golden rules”. However, when the reality TV star trended on Twitter recently, it wasn’t because his wild antics had hit the headlines again, but because he traded in his messy mane, for a sharper and slicker style.


Before and After: Frankie’s new do is much slicker

Frankie headed to X Factor hairstylist Jamie Stevens to transform his shaggy, Russell Brand style barnet into a more sophisticated and modern cut. The £185 hairstyle caused the 19-year-old to trend on Twitter, with his 900,000+ followers going sending the social networking site into overdrive, with copious amounts of Frankie-related tweets.


Jamie tweeted this pic to keep Frankie’s fans informed

Jamie Stevens kept Frankie’s fans updated with a live picture feed throughout the process and it’s been revealed that Frankie will sell his chopped locks for charity, in support of his best friend Connor Saunders, who recently died.

What do you think of Frankie’s new hairstyle? An improvement on the messy mane? Or a waste of £185?


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