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Men’s Hairstyles: The Good, The Bad and The Controversial

The last time Frankie Cocozza got the chop was when he was axed off 2011’s X Factor for apparently breaking one the talent show’s “golden rules”. However, when the reality TV star trended on Twitter recently, it wasn’t because his wild antics had hit the headlines again, but because he traded in his messy mane, for a sharper and slicker style.
The reality TV star headed to X Factor hairstylist Jamie Stevens for his £185 new style and sent the social networking site into overdrive, causing his 900,000+ followers to bombard the internet with copious amounts of Frankie-related tweets. Of course, Frankie wasn’t the first star to cause a stir by chopping his locks, so here; I take a look at some of the best, worst and indeed most controversial men’s hairstyles in the world of preened and pampered celebrity:
 James Dean
The original Rebel Without A Cause, James Dean has long been regarded as one of the world’s foremost male icons for the best part of both the 20th and 21st centuries. His relaxed and unfussy sense of cool makes it easy to see why he has been immortalised as a style sage. This carefree nonchalance is also seen in James Dean’s hair. Long on top, with shorter sides, the 50s style which Dean defines has seen a resurgence on the international catwalks, with designers keen to recreate a similar relaxed, yet perfectly coiffed mane, similar to James Dean’s classic haircut.
    Olly Murs
Since finishing as runner-up on 2009’s X Factor, Olly Murs’ career has gone from strength to strength, with 4 No.1 singles, a sell-out arena tour and a presenting gig onXtra Factor, as well as supporting One Direction in America under his belt. Not content with dominating the charts, the singer’s unique fashion sense has been much commented on and his distinctive hairstyle has become one of his trademarks. His haircut has plenty of shape and style, with the back and sides shaved with various difference size blades, to achieve a graduated, yet blended look. Olly’s look is frequently requested in salons, but needs lots of top-up cuts to maintain it! I would know…
 Rob Pattinson
It’s pretty obvious why Rob is included in this list. The Twilight star can send fans crazy with just one swoop of his enviably floppy mane. Rob’s hair is a mixture of messy indifference and the ‘floppy English gent look’ championed by Hugh Grant. Of course, in Hollywood, ‘messy indifference’ and ‘bedhead’ take hours to achieve and require endless coiffing and styling to make it look like you haven’t even checked yourself in one of your mansion’s endless supply of mirrors. Rob’s hair is of naturally great quality, so it’s no surprise that when he chopped off his trademark locks a few months ago, a moment’s silence was observed from the ubiquitous Twilight fans around the world, in memory of his tresses. Here at Just Lolo, we’re reserving our condolences, because believe it or not, hair grows back!
   One Direction
Love them or loathe them, the One Direction guys have seriously good hair. From Harry’s floppy curls, to Zayn’s daring cut, One Direction’s hairstyles have evolved from their X Factor days. The band’s stylist has worked hard to give each member a signature look and the boys have moved on from the hi-top and skinny jeans phase and now favour more grown up looks from A.P.C and Burberry. Their hairstyles reflect their changing image and have been some of the salon’s most requested looks. Getting a 1D cut won’t guarantee throngs of screaming fans outside your door, but it will give you a great shot and achieving it and make you incredibly up to date and stylish! Singing ability, well, that’s optional.
* * *
   Donald Trump
When you have as much money as Mr Trump, it’s hard to fathom how you can get it so horribly wrong when it comes to your hairstyle. Money can’t buy you style, but surely it can allow you to buy a decent mirror?! Donald’s comb over has been the butt of many jokes and the subject of ridicule for years and it’s not hard to see why. If your hair and face are the same colour, then something definitely isn’t right. It appears Donald blow-dries his hair forward to achieve his dubious style, but this is an innovation that I can’t see catching on. A follicular mystery to say the least!
  Pauly D
Unnatural amounts of hair gel are required for this shockingly awful, gravity-defying hairstyle. It’s so bad; I’m not even going to explain its wretchedness with words any further. Just, NO.
* * *

      David Beckham
Credit where it’s due – David Beckham is one stylish man, but lately, his hairstyle and moustache combo looks like Nick Wooster and Ricky Gervais have miraculously spawned a child and David’s look is the curious result. I’m a massive fan of David’s style and the 50s haircut he sported for the last few months was bang on trend, but recently his hair has been a little too much to the left. Over the years, David has probably had more hairstyles than any other celebrity and while some looks have been iconic, there have been equally shocking ones (anyone remember the corn rows?). Victoria, take a step in, in a pair of your vertiginous heels and have a word with your auld fella? Cheers.

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