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Cheryl set to appear on Glee

Cheryl Cole has been confirmed for a guest appearance on Glee according to one of the show’s stars, Jane Lynch. The actress who plays Sue Sylvester on the show said that Cheryl’s appearance on the show is all but set in stone, but it hasn’t been confirmed what role the 29-year-old singer will be playing yet.


Cheryl is set to guest star in US hit show Glee

Speaking about Cheryl’s imminent guest slot, Jane said, “There’s been talk on set of Cheryl appearing for a year or so, but it’s set to happen now. Matthew’s spoken very highly of her and the younger guys on set are keen to have her on, for obvious reasons”. Apparently the producers are eager to get Cheryl on the hit US show and the singer comes with high recommendations from Matthew Morrison, who plays Will Schuster on the show.


Will Jane be in trouble for letting the news slip?

After making a cameo in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Cheryl left a lasting impression on Matthew, who starred in the film. He said, “Cheryl is a beautiful woman, America is starting to really know her. A lot of stars want to appear on Glee and actually ask the show. So the fact producers want Cheryl says a lot about what they think of her talent”.


High praise indeed from Matthew Morrison

With her single and album topping the charts and her TV career on the up and up, 2012 just keeps getting better and better for Cheryl!


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