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A Well Galvinised Style: Paul Galvin – Jamie Tuohy


When it comes to being on the cutting edge of men’s fashion in Ireland, one name triumphs above the rest and that is GAA All-Star and Kerry footballer Paul Galvin. Over the last number of years, the sportsman has achieved as much recognition for being a clotheshorse and style icon as he has as being one of Gaelic football’s top players. And there’s no denying, that where brave and innovative style is concerned, Paul Galvin is most definitely the team captain.


With a weekly fashion column in the Irish Independent and the infamous admission that he owns 70 pairs of shoes, Galvin’s love of fashion has been  well documented in the Irish media.  However, the fantastic thing about his style is that he is unapologetic about what he wears and that’s the way everyone should be – he is comfortable enough to wear an Adidias zip-up inside a blazer, and Galvin has to be accredited with bringing the unlikely worlds of GAA and Irish fashion together. He has encouraged budding sports stars all overIreland to embrace style as something which should fun and personable – if you’re ballsy enough to follow your own instincts and wear exactly what you want.


Galvin has stated that he’d much rather hit the shops to unwind after a big game, rather than playing golf or sitting in front of the television and his style is both distinctive and instinctively his own and he has challenged the image of the stereotypical GAA player. He has previously said that if he can’t find something he likes, then he will take pieces to tailors and often cuts the collars off his shirts. Interestingly, Paul Galvin isn’t a man for ties or watches, the latter makes him feel regimented, and he has written that he would never wear a tie “even to meet my emperor”.


His penchant for skinny jeans has been much commented on, and while criticism is something which he has had plenty of, the Kerryman isn’t busied with concerning himself with naysayers (and rightly so!). Galvin prefers minimalist and well tailored outfits when it comes to dressing, so head to the likes of  Topman, River Island, Zara and if you can afford it, pick up a shirt from The Kooples to get the look of the Kingdom’s finest footballer. For him, it’s all about getting clothes that fit well. A lot of Irish men will wear a large size shirt when really a medium will do, but Galvin’s championing of sharp, slim fit suits and clean lines has not only made him a key player when it comes to men’s fashion, but it has made a lot of Irish men think twice before they buy the ill-fitting conventional suit.

‘Conventionalism’ isn’t a word one could ever associate with Paul Galvin. He’s a GAA All-Star with a predilection for fashion and his shoe collection could even make even the most seasoned style aficionado gasp (kind of), but it’s hard to ignore his influence when it comes to men’s fashion in Ireland. He has done for GAA what David Beckham has done for soccer and perhaps in the future, as Galvin has written himself, the Sam Maguire won’t be the only silverware on GAA star’s lips (or hands). We presume Galvin is discounting watches, of course…



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