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Zayn’s flash new motor – Jamie Tuohy

At this stage, One Direction are used to living life in the fast lane, so it comes as no surprise that one of the famous fivesome has added a flashy new motor to the band’s expanding assets. 19-year old Zayn Malik has splashed out £32,000 on a second-hand Bentley Continental GT – a move which will surely impress his Little Mix girlfriend, Perrie Edwards.


The band have become known for their lavish taste in motors and Zayn’s band-mate, Harry recently forked out £100,000 for an Audi R8 Spider. While Zayn’s price-tag pales in comparison to Harry’s, at £32,000 for a Bentley, the star secured an incredibly good deal.

As a 19-year-old, Zayn’s insurance is sure to be sky high, but with the One Direction’s fortune set to double to £64m next year, I somehow doubt that financing will be a problem!


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