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A LAW-fully Good Style: Jude Law – Jamie Tuohy

For the past two decades, Jude Law has been one of Hollywood’s leading men, appearing in blockbuster movies such as The Talented Mr Ripley, The Road to Perdition, Sherlock Holmes and gaining critical acclaim and numerous accolades for his theatre performances, perhaps most notably in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. However, Jude Law isn’t just a talented and award-winning actor, but also a serious player on the international style scene. Law is reluctant to accept any suggestions that proclaim him to be a fashion aficionado, but it’s hard to think of many other guys who can wear flip-flops with a suit and still look stylish.


The British actor’s look is full of contradictions – a juxtaposition of devilish nonchalance and slim-fit classic tailoring. However these are contrasts that work and this is partly the reason why Jude’s style is so easy to recreate for us mere mortals. He doesn’t wear clothes that are ostentatious and aloof from everyday dressing. It is the imperfection of his look that makes his style so accessible for other guys and it is also the very thing that makes him a style icon. The 39-year-old star will wear a loose fitting t-shirt with slim-fit jeans, teamed with loafers or brogues or combine a Dior tuxedo with retro shades and look equally as voguish in each.


The success of his look resides in the fact that Jude recognises the importance of cut and fit in no matter what he is wearing. It’s all about getting clothes that create the best possible silhouette for your body and this is something a lot of us guys can learn from. Too many Irish guys choose the XL shirt when really a large would look much better. As the face of Dior Homme Sport, it’s highly likely that Jude has a little help with his red carpet outfits, but he never looks too overdone and is always appropriately and stylishly dressed for any occasion. Even when he is wearing a baggy jumper with dishevelled trainers, they are counteracted with great fitting trousers, creating a sense of orchestrated chaos about his get up.



What’s admirable about Jude Law’s style is that it isn’t thwarted by seasonal trends and isn’t subjugated by the latest ‘must have’ looks. Whether this is a conscious decision on his part or an expression of apathy towards conventionalism, there’s no denying that Jude Law has style. Here’s how to get his look:


Tonic Scoop Neck T-Shirt – €30 All Saints


Blazer – €164 J Crew @ Mr Porter


Jeans – €100 Nudie @ Mr Porter


Brogues – €83 Schuh


Scarf – £13 RiverIsland Online


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