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One is impressed, pet! – Jamie Tuohy

Picture this: The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton roaming around the Palace, asking William to ‘SAY MY NAME BABY’ and telling him that she doesn’t need a parachute to fight for their love, all the while shimmying down the hallway with a hairbrush in her hand, singing along to Cheryl’s most famous tracks. Image

An unlikely scene some may say. However, if reports are to believed, then the whole scenario has been afforded a royal dose of credibility. Yes, it has emerged that Kate Middleton is apparently a fan of Cheryl Cole’s music. Okay, Kate probably doesn’t saunter around Buckingham Palace in total abandonment to Chezza’s tunes, but the 29-year-old Geordie singer has received the royal stamp of approval from the Duchess.

Cheryl has revealed that when she met Kate, they bonded over their mutual love of fashion, with Kate telling her how much she loves her music. Cheryl said, “She was incredibly girly and sweet. Kate is really down to earth and we talked about fashion. She said she loved my music”.

This isn’t Cheryl’s first Royal encounter – the star is close pals with Kate’s father-in-law, Prince Charles, having set up a charity with him and Cheryl has made no secret of her love for Prince Harry, saying, “Everybody knows I have a soft spot for Harry. He’s cute. I’ve met him several times and we laugh about it”. The Call My Name singer even went on to say that she and Harry lead similar lives, adding, “It’s a bit of banter between us. He’s so ordinary and a normal 27-year-old who is living in a crazy world and we can bond over that”.

Now maybe I’m jumping the gun a little bit, but is that the sound of prospective wedding bells I hear? I’m envisioning Cheryl and Kate parading around the dancefloor to Under the Sun, as the Queen boogies with Girls Aloud.



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