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Rebecca Ferguson’s Twitter tirade against managers – Jamie Tuohy

Since finishing as runner-up on the 2011 X Factor, Rebecca Ferguson has become known as the softly-spoken Liverpudlian singer with a powerhouse vocal. However, the usually calm and collected mother of two has launched a bitter tirade against her management, in protest of her terrible working conditions.


The 25-year-old star slammed her management on Twitter, complaining that they made her go ahead with a pre-arranged interview, despite the fact that she had collapsed. Rebecca says that they gave her a can of coke and told her to get on with it. She goes on to explain that she was physically exhausted and wasn’t allowed time off to see her children. Check out the series of tweets:


Ferguson has had a busy schedule lately, which involved her flying to New York earlier this week to attend UJA Federation of New York Music Visionaries of the Year Luncheon. She accuses her management of negligence and vows to “see them in court”. It looks like they have a lot of explaining and making up to do!

Greedy execs!


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