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Justin Bieber to be sued for $9m? – Jamie Tuohy

Somebody has finally stood up to teeny-bopper Justin Bieber and made a formal complaint about the injustice he has been carrying out to music for the last number of years. Image

Okay, this is a slight embellishment, but he is being sued for $9m by a mother who claims that she suffered hearing loss following one of the 18-year-old’s gigs.

Stacey Wilson Betts is suing Biebs for over $9m, after reporting that she was rendered deaf and is suffering from tinnitus and hyperacusis due to a “sound blast which exceeded safe decibels” in the Rose Quarter in Portland, Oregon. After taking her daughter to the concert, Betts states that Justin expounded her condition, by pointing to the specific areas of the crowd and initiating loud shrieking from the fans.

The lawsuit “respectfully” asks for $9,200,000 for compensation, following the permanent impairment of Ms Bett’s hearing.

My two cents: a far-fetched case and completely unrealistic amount of money, to say the least.

Check out the full lawsuit here:


2 thoughts on “Justin Bieber to be sued for $9m? – Jamie Tuohy

  1. 42cent says:

    Well now Mr Tuohy if that isn’t the biggest load of cobblers I’ve ever heard! Assuming the remuneration of $9m is the going rate for having ones hearing impaired & an additional $4m to have the pleasure of being at a concert of an artist one may not particularly like. Then I estimate my nett worth is approx $102m. But hey I’m a young hip forty something year old whom for the most part loves to shake my stuff & jump up & down like a young one 😄 So Jamie I reckon this woman needs to either a) give up her daughter therefore no more attending concerts, b) invest in a decent set of earplugs or c) GET A LIFE. I for one think it should be the latter.

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