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The Real Diva in the Spice Girls? It isn’t Victoria…

Who is the biggest diva in the Spice Girls? Well, as one half of the one of the most photographed couples in the world, it wouldn’t take a wild stretch of the imagination to suggest that it’s Victoria. However, it has emerged that the most demanding member of the group, is in fact, Mel B.

Mel, aka Scary Spice has reportedly hindered the band’s London 2012 performance, with her Olympic-sized set of demands. Image

The singer is apparently causing havoc with the plans, and what she wants, what she really really wants (sorry, I couldn’t resist) is for her family to be flown to London for the Games and Mel  is insisting on backstage access for every member. It is also believed that her rider includes a demand for a personal stylist to be flown in and to follow the 37-year-old singer everywhere she goes.

The Spice Girls haven’t performed together since their reunion tour ended in 2008 and it was widely believed that Victoria was the most reluctant to re-join the group for their one-off Olympic performance, which will feature two songs, including their beak-out hit, Wannabe.

Early reports suggested that Victoria wanted to concentrate on her career as a fashion designer and sought to distance herself from her singing days. However, it has since been revealed that Victoria is one of the most eager for the performance to go ahead, as she wants to make the Games extra special for her children and husband David, who missed out on a place on the Team GB football squad.

Both Victoria and Mel B live in LA, but rumours of a rift between the two mothers were expounded by their distance at a recent press call for the new Spice Girls’ musical Viva Forever. However, it will come as a shock to some fans to find out that it is Mel B who is slowing the process down with her scarily delusional demands and not notoriously pouty Posh.


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