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Is Lady Gaga on the Edge of Royal Glory?


For many, she is the undisputed Queen of Pop and now it seems that Lady Gaga has found her crowning glory – a £30,000 custom-made tiara.

The 26-year-old Born This Way singer purchased the tiara from high-end luxury designer Louis Vuitton after becoming obsessed with the Royals following the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The eccentric pop-star is believed to wear the item even when she is in the kitchen and carrying out domestic chores. While the part about constantly wearing the tiara may be true, Lady Gaga carrying out her own chores seems to involve more than a little stretch of the imagination? Surely one has a butler for that, dear?

Meanwhile, the star has been hitting the headlines, for playing a sample of her a new track to her “Little Monsters” – from her car!

Gaga fans went wild as she blasted a few second of the track, but her Monsters will have to wait until September for the singer to release the name of her forthcoming album. She has already a controversial, melancholy ballad, entitled Princess Die, which is an obvious pun on the late Princess Diana’s moniker.


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