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Devilishly Detailed Accessories – Jamie Tuohy

Okay guys, I think it’s safe to say that most of us aren’t going to go ‘accessory shopping’ now are we? And we’re more than likely not going to say ‘ah man, your accessories are really cool’. Most of us will categorically deny that we even wear accessories, but in truth, they are an essential part of every guy’s wardrobe – even if the word itself is ignored by most of our vocabularies!
Lads, it’s time to show that the devil is in the detail with these necessitous accessories:
Statement Socks
Who remembers that infamous moment at this year’s Grammy’s when an ashes wielding Sacha Baron Cohen told Ryan Seacrest “socks are just socks, don’t waste money!”? While this was probably secondary in terms of the night’s drama (Seacrest did end up with the ashes on his Burberry tuxedo), the ruffian actor couldn’t have been further from the truth! Socks ARE NOT just socks, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be expensive. Socks are probably my favourite accessory and they’re a great way to add personality to what you’re wearing. Whether it’s a pair of red socks with a navy suit, or blue trousers and lime green socks – they’re always going to be a talking point. I love these mint green Polo Ralph Lauren socks from Mr., only a mere €12!
The Watch
Every guy knows that a good watch is more than just a seasonal accessory – it’s an essential component of any guy’s wardrobe, so it’s worth saving up and investing in a classic timepiece. I’ve bought lots of cheap watches over the years from various high street stores, simply because they’re bang on trend. Unsurprisingly, like the fleeting nature of the trend itself, the quality of the watch didn’t stand the test of time! This Dolce & Gabanna watch is nothing short of a horological triumph – the black leather strap for the classic gent and the black frame with white and red detail on the face for the modern man. At €159 it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s not overly expensive either. This will definitely find its way onto my arm in the coming months!
The Leather Belt
Every guy, of every age, should have at least one leather belt in his wardrobe — this light brown one from H&M is a steal at only €14.95! It’s a welcomed change from those Superman buckle belts which are doing the rounds at the moment. No tacky flashing lights or ridiculous twirling tequila bottles on this bargain piece (yes, they actually exist)! Instead, it’s simple, understated and masculine. These styles are also available in dark brown and black, and since they come in at just under €15, it’s a lot more feasible to pick up the all-season essential in multiple shades!
The Classic White Tee
Yes, I know. It’s dubious as to whether this item of clothing can be classified as an accessory, but I think that this is one staple that every man needs, so I’m proclaiming the white t-shirt an ESSENTIAL ACCESSORY. Wear it on its own with jeans and it’s the laid back look favoured by style king David Beckham, team it with a blazer for a literal take on ‘smart/casual’, or simply throw it on with your shorts for a lazy day at the beach. Its possibilities are limitless and I think All-Saints have the best white tee on the market, with their ‘Tonic Scoop neck’ priced at €30 — a must-have for every guy.
The Original Wayfarers
These are undoubtedly the most-copied sunglasses on the high-street and while you could probably get four or five pairs of imitations for the price of one pair of Ray-Bans, nothing compares to the original when it comes to both quality and sun safety. These shades are so cool that they’re bordering on Arctic and are sending the ‘cool-o-meter’ into all kinds of craziness. These sunglasses will go with literally everything and there isn’t a style aficionado worth his salt that doesn’t have at least one pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Everyone from Jude Law to JKF has worn these sunglasses, as they’re unbelievably and possibly oxymoronically ‘timelessly retro’. Suit up, boot up and most importantly shade up!
 €167 available from Brown Thomas.

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