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Are Kim and Kanye Set to Marry? – Jamie Tuohy

According to reports Kanye West is gearing up to ask girlfriend Kim Kardashian for her hand in marriage.

Sources close to the pair are predicting that the 35-year-old rapper is ready to walk down the aisle with the 31-year-old reality TV star. Despite having only dated for a couple of months, Kimye, are said to be besotted with each other, having known each other for years.

Kim, whose previous marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries lasted a whopping 72 days, is still in the middle of divorce proceedings and looks set to become embroiled in a nasty legal battle with her ex-husband.

However, this hasn’t deterred Kanye, who reportedly thinks that “Kim is the one” and the Gold Digger rapper has even asked a jeweller to make Kim an engagement ring, using diamonds and rubies from his late grandmother’s jewellery collection.

Apparently, the reason behind using his grandmother’s jewellery is for Kanye to express just how much Kim means to him. The Keeping up With the Kardashians star doesn’t exactly strain herself to earn millions, so by giving her his grandmother’s most expensive jewels, it is Kanye’s way of showing her that he values her over money. Really?

However, Kanye’s friends are advising him against the idea, saying that if they ever break up, it would be hard for him to ask for the ring back. Also, they are furious that he would give his late grandmother’s jewellery to someone like Kim, who they feel shouldn’t be a part of Donda’s (his late grandmother) image.

If the engagement goes ahead, it is believed that Kimye will tie the knot in either Oklahoma, where his grandmother is buried, or Chicago, where Kanye says he received the inspiration to follow his rapping dreams.


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