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Are Tom and Cheryl about to DIVE into something serious? | Jamie Tuohy

Cheryl Cole gave Olympic diver Tom Daley a much-needed Twitter boost after the 18-year-old’s turmoil at the hands of a cowardly keyboard warrior.

The Call My Name singer cheekily asked Tom to teach her the ‘swan dive’ – a dive famously executed by Cheryl on The Voice UK.

It appears that amongst the masses of fans the diver has gained worldwide, the much-lusted after Cole is one of the diver’s most famous supporters. Cheryl tweeted, ‘I think you are amazing! Will you teach me how to swan dive?’

Tom quickly replied, retweeting Cheryl’s message and asking her to follow back. Of course, Cheryl did and the short exchange caused the social networking site to go into overdrive, with fans of both stars bombarding Twitter with tweets about the possible private messaging going on between the pair.

The light-hearted exchange comes a day after Tom was sent a vile tweet by a Twitter troll, who said that he had let his father down by not winning the synchronized diving event he was competing in with partner, Pete Waterfield.

Tom, whose father passed away last year, replied to the tweet, branding the user an “idiot” and it wasn’t long before the troll was arrested by Dorset Police.


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