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Karl Lagerfield’s Vile Comments about Pippa Middleton | Jamie Tuohy

As a man who looks like death warmed up, Karl Lagerfield’s comments on other people’s appearances can be a bitter pill to swallow. The 78-year-old, shallow Chanel designer, who came under fire after calling Adele fat, has hit the headlines once again – this time for criticising Pippa Middleton’s looks. 

The rude fashion mogul swiftly apologised to British singer Adele for his downright ignorant remarks, but he has been unyieldingly scathing in his opinion of Pippa Middleton.

Despite being a big fan of her sister, Kate Middleton, saying she has a “nice silhouette”, Lagerfield said that “her sister struggles”, adding “I don’t like the sister’s face. She should only show her back.”

In an age where endless pressure is applied on girls to look a certain way and pertain to an unrealistic image of perfection, should a man with Karl’s influence really be making such idiotic and nasty comments? As the head of one of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses, he should have more respect and tact than to be so mindless of his position.

While Karl was nothing but complementary to Kate and also heaped praise on stick-thin Victoria Beckham for looking so slim after four children, his comments are sure to anger Pippa’s fans all over the world.

Pippa is a stunning woman and when such insults come from the same man who called supermodel Heidi Klum “too heavy”, it’s clear to see that he is nothing more than a bitter old prude who is quickly becoming irrelevant.

He may be a well-revered designer and some will elevate him to the status of creative genius, but, personally, I feel that’s as irrelevant as he is and surely that doesn’t give him a licence to dish out insults?

Karl has always courted controversy and even super snob Anna Wintour found his ideas ludicrous when he suggested that there should be a completely different shop for “sale items” to be stocked in, so people who buy things at full price don’t have to encounter those who are shopping for a bargain.

Insensitive, nasty, bitchy and rude and when you look like a stale pint of Guinness, you’re in no position to criticize. (Yes, I’m aware that I’m essentially exacting the same thing as Karl by calling him these names, but it’s merely a dose of his own medicine). A classless man who is severely out of touch with reality.

If beauty really is skin deep, then Mr Lagerfield is ugly from the inside out. Shame on you Karl, shame on you.


One thought on “Karl Lagerfield’s Vile Comments about Pippa Middleton | Jamie Tuohy

  1. Stephen says:

    He’s only using insults on other celebrities as a vehicle for more publicity, I’m sure his own natural command of the media’s attention is waning, and these are his desperate attempts to keep any limelight on him.

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