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The Greatest Thing? Cher and Lady Gaga duet is imminent | Jamie Tuohy

Lady Gaga and Cher (that’s the first Cher, not Ms Lloyd) are to duet on a new track, entitled The Greatest Thing.

Cher tweeted that she is a massive Gaga fan, and in her own ‘slightly-hard-to-discern-but-we-don’t-mind-because-this-is-major’ way revealed that she will join forces with pop supremo Lady Gaga on a track due to be released in October, which is under the working title The Greatest Thing.

Cher tweeted: “Think ALL SONGS R Great so Far & I’m not Big Fan! GREAT Writers! GAGA IS MAJOR & Her VOCAL IS AMAZING! KUK (Kuk Harrell, American songwriter and producer) Heard (The Greatest Thing) Last nite 4 1st Time & FREAKED.

She continued her cryptic tweets, by adding ““Finished Song!I LOVE IT! Cant tell names of songs cause Record CO. gave Strict ORDERS ! THINK 1st Single drops Oct. then cd near Xmas.” We know what Roll Call will be hoping to find in our stocking come Christmas!”

Allow me to translate: “I, Cher, of If I Could Turn Back Time fame think that Stephanie Germanotta is an amazing artist and I’m currently in the studio, working on my new album, which is being produced by Timbaland. It will be out at Christmas and Gaga will feature. Can’t say any more hunnies, as my label have forbade further disclosure. Talk soon sweets.”

Okay, this might be a slight embellishment, but the hard facts are there. Cher is working with Timbaland and her album will be out at Christmas time, with a Gaga duet released in October.


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