Victoria Beckham ads some SPECS APPEAL to her Fashion Empire | Jamie Tuohy

Many businesspeople have created innovative and exciting new products because of their own personal needs and lack of availability in the market. They simply couldn’t find what they wanted, so they made it themselves. And Victoria Beckham’s latest design creation is no different.

Adding to her ever-expanding fashion empire, the 38-year-old mother of four has just revealed that she has designed an optical line, in partnership with Cutler & Gross.

The short-sighted designer said that she needs glasses herself, but failed to find a suitably stylish pair.

“I do need to wear glasses — [but] I haven’t found glasses that suit me or that I particularly like,” Beckham told WWD. “I’ve always been quite self-conscious [about this], so that’s why I’ve decided to do them myself.”

Victoria already has a successful line of high-end sunglasses in her VB range and adding prescription frames was a natural progression for her.

Beckham’s new line will feature six different frames and will be debuted at Silmo Paris on Oct. 4.  Adding to that, each style will be available in three different colours and Victoria insisted that she will now have no qualms about wearing glasses in public, saying,

“I will be wearing my glasses now, and it will be nice to see where I will be going for once.”

True to form, quality is something which was of the utmost importance to Victoria and each pair of glasses has gone through four weeks of production and a whopping 37 different assembly processes.

Victoria has been seen modelling a pair of her frames in the September issue of US Glamour, which she also guest edited and it’s good news for us guys too because these handcrafted Italian glasses are unisex.

As these are Victoria Beckham creations, they are a little pricey, starting at over 400 big ones, but for Victoria Beckham’s most loyal customers (i.e. the mega-rich), this will be pocket change and a must-have purchase.

The glasses will be available in retailers from January 2013.

Oh to be rich…and to actually need glasses, to justify purchasing…


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