If like me, you simply cannot get enough of Cheryl Cole, then this behind the scenes video from her new single Under The Sun is sure to excite and thrill.

Under the Sun will be released on September 10 and following the release of the track’s video, which sees Cheryl strutting her stuff like a retro sex goddess, the Geordie songstress has released this behind-the-scenes look, showing us exactly what went in to making the video.

Anthony Mandler, who also directed Cheryl’s video for Call My Name says he envisioned Cheryl as a 50s Sophia Loren-type character and Cheryl was more than pleased with the result. She explained,

“To be honest, when I recorded this song, this is not the vision I would have had, but I loved working with Anthony on the last video and when I read his treatment I got exactly where he was coming from. This is the point where you have to trust in amazing people who are incredible at what they do and say, ‘I believe in your treatment’, which is what I have done.”

LOVING IT. Watched the end result here.


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