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Jennifer Lopez sues former driver for $20million | Jamie Tuohy

Jennifer Lopez is suing her former driver for $20million, after he tried to extort her out of $2.8million by threatening to reveal secrets about the star, overheard while driving.

The 43-year-old singer is courter-suing her former driver Hakob Manoukian, after he apparently became “drunk with power” and sought to control her entire security team and gain a raise while doing so.

His efforts were rejected by Lopez and Manoukian retaliated by threatening to reveal potentially embarrassing information about the star, all of which he claimed to have overheard while driving.

TMZ also reports that Manoukian also threatened JLo with legal action, saying if she didn’t pay the $2.8million, he would take his info to the authorities and have her criminally prosecuted.

Manoukian was payed $200,000 a year to chauffeur Lopez, but claimed that she used to verbally abuse him and humiliate him in public. He said that Jennifer’s new manager, Benny Medina demoted him, so he would only be her LA driver.

Lopez denied all claims and is countersuing Manoukian for damages totalling $20million.


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