James Middleton lends Mischa Barton a Helping Hand | Jamie Tuohy

James Middleton gave Mischa Barton a helping hand at the launch of her new boutique in East London’s Spitalfields last night – by baking and hand delivering cupcakes for the exclusive launch party.

Mischa hasn’t been on the acting radar for quite some time now, so the 26-year-old British-born actress has decided to open an eponymously-named fashion boutique.

The former OC star’s new venture will be open to the public this Saturday and will feature a range of clothing and accessories from her own line and Mischa delighted fans earlier in the day, arriving to the afternoon launch in a flowing and feminine silk dress, as well as posing for pictures with members of the public.

For the evening soirée, Mischa was joined by her plus one for the evening, the Duchess of Cambridge’s little brother, James, whose Cake Kit company catered the event.

As well as James and Mischa, the launch was filled with fashion editors, friends and family who all ventured out to lend their support to the star’s new venture.


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