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Spicing up the Olympics’ Closing Ceremony | Jamie Tuohy

Feast your eyes on these pictures! The Spice Girls are in rehearsals for the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.

After much speculation, it was reported that Victoria, Geri, Mel C, Mel B and Emma would reunite solely for the closing ceremony of London 2012 and despite no official confirmation from the girls themselves (apart from Victoria’s TwitPic of a jewel encrusted microphone), these pictures are all the proof we need!

The five-piece were spotted at the Ford car plant in Dagenham yesterday, gearing up for their performance at the star-studded closing ceremony, which is set to feature the likes of One Direction, Coldplay and many more.

The Wannabe chart-toppers were spotted on top of classic black cabs and while all the girls looked relaxed and casual, Victoria didn’t compromise on style – letting everyone know who the world-renowned fashion designer is, in skyscraper heels and skin-tight leather trousers.

Rumours were rife in the run-up to the Games as to whether or not the Spice Girls would be on the closing ceremony bill and with talk of a feud between Victoria and Mel B; plans of a reunion looked dubious.

However, as the band rehearsed in the sun yesterday, they looked friendly and content and come Sunday, they are sure to SPICE UP ALL OUR LIVES.


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