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Kim Kardashian Covers New York Magazine | Jamie Tuohy

Kim Kardashian instantly splits opinion – you either admire her media-savvy, entrepreneurial spirit, or you despise her capitalistic and opportunistic disposition. She has certainly caused controversy in the fashion world, but New York magazine had no qualms about putting the media savant on the cover of their fall issue.

The interview itself is nothing particularly mind-blowing or revealing. It talks a little bit about Kim’s rise to tabloid dominance and interjects with some Kanye anecdotes, but Benjamin Wallace, who conducted the interview, could have dug a lot deeper.

It mainly focuses on Kim’s struggle to be accepted in the fashion world. Yes, to teenage girls all around the world, she is hailed as a fashion icon and her clothing brand is hugely successful, but her sexualised image is something which is frowned upon within high-fashion.

Various designers have expressed their dislike for the media mogul. Ralph Rucci said to dress Kim, would be to bastardise oneself, but on the other hand Marc Jacobs is a Kardashian fan.

The piece drifts between this predicament and Kim’s fledgling romance with rapper Kanye West, who has apparently been responsible for Kim’s front-row presence at shows such as Paris Couture.

It’s a lengthy article and reads more like a Wikipedia article which has been sprinkled with some Kandy Koloured Kardashian branding. All I’m saying is, I would have strived to get something a little more exclusive than when Kanye and Kim are 80, they’ll have “things to talk about.”

When they’re 80? Remember that 72-day thing? Well, Kim Kardashian is nothing, if not ambitious! Check out all the pics:









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