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The Best Thing About Being In 1D? | Jamie Tuohy

In a week where he was accused of flirting with another girl, behind his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards’ back, Zayn Malik has revealed his love of hotel rooms.

However, the One Direction singer wasn’t informing us about some seedy getaway, but rather telling us that the best perk of being in a chart-topping boyband is getting to stay in luxury hotel rooms.

“I’m not bothered about what we get before or after shows as long as our room is comfortable,” Malik told The Sun. “If I can sleep well, then everything is going to be okay. To me, after any day, I just want the biggest, most comfortable bed in our hotel. It is one of the best things about being in the band – getting nice hotel rooms.”

Earlier in the week, it emerged that Zayn had asked a dancer at the Olympics closing ceremony for her number, but the mystery girl declined, thinking it was a joke, and instead asked the singer for a photo.


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