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First Look at 2012 X Factor Contestants | Jamie Tuohy

Ahead of the beginning of tonight’s new X Factor series, I’m taking a look at some of the contestants who’ll be appearing on tonight’s show. The season premiere is promising an eclectic mix of wannabe superstars, all vying for a coveted YES from Louis, Tulisa, Nicole and Gary in their quest for stardom.

Zoe Alexander

Zoe Alexander is 22-years-old and she’s from Caerphilly, in South Wales. A Pink tribute act, she tells Louis Walsh that she wants to be known as a performer in her own right, and not as a celebrity doppelgänger. She says,

 “I have been doing the Pink tribute act for about two years now. It’s the best thing in the world when you love your job. Cause I get to perform, it makes me so happy and it makes other people happy and that makes me happy, I just want to please people. Doing well today would be an absolute dream come true, it means everything to me, it’s what I do, I’m not really very good at anything else, it means a lot to me.”

However, despite her declarations about wanting to be known as an artist in her own right, she sings Pink’s So What and her performance isn’t received well by the judges. She sings a second song, Emili Sande’s Next to Me, but she fails to impress the panel.

The judges appear confused with her identity issues, and Gary brands her voice ‘average’, which results in chaotic scenes. Zoe storms off the stage, screaming profanities at the judges and throwing her microphone on the ground. X Factor 2012 gets off to an explosive start!

Jahmene Douglas

Jahmene Douglas is a 21-year-old supermarket worker from Swindon and he wows the judges with his rendition of Etta James’s At Last. He admits that he’s a “stay at home kind of guy”, but overcomes his shyness to gain universal praise from the judges.

Louis calls him a “revelation” and Tulisa gushes, “You have not just The X Factor, not just raw talent but you have the shock factor. When you stepped on the stage you were like a timid little soul and you couldn’t express yourself, but you started expressing yourself the minute you started singing and it was freaking amazing!”

Gary adds, “Mate, I got to tell you I’ve never seen a vocal performance like that before, that was off the scale. You completely nailed it today. That is how to do an audition.”

I’m looking forward to seeing Jahmene’s performance tonight!

 Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson is only 16 and she astounds the judges with a song she wrote when she was 13. The Lincolnshire-based contestant says her late-grandad inspired the song.

Guest judge Mel B is impressed with Ella’s vocal and song-writing ability and tells her that, “It made me go into my own little world, and go Oh my God – I felt like that at one point, and that’s hard to do as a song writer. And when you sang it, you just made me believe every single word, I was right there with you. What we just witnessed was incredible, absolutely incredible.”

Gary’s comments tell her that she’s “out of this world” and Tulisa tells Ella that she wants to mentor her!

And there are plenty of lookalikes this year:

A girl called Ashley is told she looks like Tulisa, but says she works in a fish shop and hasn’t had any job offers yet. :/

Omar Rajpute fails to impress the judges, but they concede he’d do well in a Prince-themed week.

Alexander McLeish does his best Rod Stewart impression


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