Kate Moss Offers Nick Grimshaw EXTREMELY BAD Advice | Jamie Tuohy

Nick Grimshaw certainly isn’t short of celebrity friends. If he needs some friendly advice, he can turn to the likes of Harry Styles, Pixie Geldolf or Alexa Chung. So perhaps his supermodel mate Kate Moss wasn’t the best person to offer advice on what his new morning routine should be as the breakfast host of BBC1 Radio 1.

Kate believes that Nick should act like former Radio 1 host Chris Evans did back in the 90s and not turn up for work. Nick, or Grimmy as he is known as, said,

“When I got the job, Kate said to me ‘What you wanna do, darling, is do what I do. Sometimes I go to work. Sometimes I go to work hungover. Sometimes I don’t turn up at all.

“People love that. They don’t know what to expect.’

“I said, ‘Kate, that’s what Chris Evans did.’ She said, ‘Exactly, darling, everybody loved Chris Evans.’ I said, ‘Kate, they sacked him.’ ”

Grimshaw will be starting his new job on September 24 and if he wants to last until the 25th, maybe it’s best to ignore the Croydon-born model’s advice, who is more known these days for her wild partying antics than her catwalk career.

Nick, who is a bit of a party boy himself and has recently been spotted out clubbing with his new BFF Harry Styles was an unexpected choice for the position, as it was widely speculated that long-term BBC-er Fearne Cotton would land the gig, or even that it would be offered to her mate Greg James.

However, when Grimmy was announced to replace Chris Moyles as host of the BBC1 Breakfast show, talk soon began of how he was chosen to rejuvenate the ailing audience figures and inject some youth back into the show’s image.

With big responsibilities on your shoulders Nick, Kate Moss isn’t the first person I’d listen to, when it comes to wise words about work ethics!


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