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Harry Styles asked to ‘keep an eye’ on Niall Horan’s Drinking | Jamie Tuohy

Harry Styles knows a thing or two about partying. Over the last few weeks, he’s been spotted at a plethora of celebrity events, so it’s no surprise that Niall Horan’s father has asked the curly-haired singer to keep an eye on his son’s drinking.

It has been reported that Bobby Horan has asked Harry to look after his “lightweight” son, saying that Niall gets hammered after “two beers.”

Niall was reportedly ‘smashed’ at JLS’ Marvin Humes and The Saturdays’ Rochelle Wiseman’s wedding a couple of weeks ago, and he ended up saying embarrassing things that he later regretted.

He was also seen “visibly drunk” at last weekend’s V Festival, as he partied in the VIP area with Harry’s ex Caroline Flack and X Factor judge Tulisa.

This has prompted Bobby to contact Harry, because he knows that he is Niall’s best friend in the band.

A source said, “He knows his son can’t handle his drink and so he has asked Harry to keep an eye on him. He wasn’t much better after One Direction’s performance at the Olympics closing ceremony.”

It was rumoured that Niall was getting romantic with Caroline backstage at the V Festival, but apparently, Caroline was only keeping an eye on Niall for Harry and was seen feeding him macaroni and cheese.

Seems to me like Niall is just partying like any other 18-year-old his age!


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