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Tom Daley says he hasn’t got a “hope in hell” of dating Cheryl Cole | Jamie Tuohy

When Tom Daley and Cheryl Cole began sending flirty tweets to each other, the pair sent the social-networking site into meltdown, but in an interview with Heat magazine, the 18-year-old diver says he would never ask the Geordie singer out.

It all began when Cheryl sent Tom a congratulatory tweet during the Olympics, asking him to show her how to swan dive and since then, the pair have been exchanging tweets, and undoubtedly DMs, left right and centre.

However, while Tom said that the diving lesson will more than likely take place, he confessed that the chances of it turning into a romantic date are very slim.

Admitting that he would be too shy to ask the Call My Name singer out, Tom said,

“I haven’t got a hope in hell! It’ll just be embarrassing [if I ask her out], it’s not gonna work out. I wish I did have the courage to [ask her out]. I’ve got her calendar on my wall, so I’m used to seeing her [half-naked] and I see divers [half-naked] every day, although it is Cheryl.”

While Tom quashed any potential romance rumours, he did reveal that he will be delighted to finally get to meet Cheryl.

Tom also went on to say, that while rumours that Cheryl is in a relationship with backing dancer Tre Holloway are rife, he is very much single and American diver Kassidy Cook, is not his girlfriend, but simply a “good friend.”

He explained, “I think I’m too young for a relationship, I’ve always been quite independent, so I quite like not having a relationship – just generally being young, I guess.”


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