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Lana Del Rey unveiled as the face of Jaguar | Jamie Tuohy

Looking every inch the sultry songstress, Lana Del Rey is sizzling in a new photoshoot, as she is unveiled as the face (and body, by the looks of it) of Jaguar’s new F-Type sports car.

The 26-year-old Video Games singer has made quite the impression in the fashion world, with a Mulberry bag named in her honour and is also the face of H&M, so it’s no surprise that the legendary car company has snapped up the retro beauty to promote their brand.

Global Brand director of Jaguar, Adrian Hallmark, said: “The allure of Jaguar is in a large part due to its duality – a unique blend of authenticity and modernity; two values that we believe are shared with Lana in her professional achievements.”

In the press release, it was stated that,

“Singer songwriter, Lana Del Rey will collaborate with Jaguar on the launch of the all-new F-TYPE, a two-seater sports car that is a vivid representation of the vitality of the Jaguar brand.” 

The collaboration comes as a result of Lana’s own love for vintage cars and in these promotional shots released by Jaguar, the superstar looks nothing short of Bond-girl material.

None of the pictures actually feature the car, but we are told that the rest of the images will be released next month in Paris, where one presumes the car itself will also be unveiled.

Lana will star in the company’s autumn advertisements and will also feature in a TV commercial for the collaboration.

Nice work on Jaguar’s part; keeping everyone in suspense with Lana’s sexy shots!


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