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Scentsational: My Top 4 Fragrances | Jamie Tuohy

Guys, I kid you not – it has been scientifically proven that when it comes to initial attraction, how you smell is more important than how you look, or what you wear! Attractiveness is hugely influenced by smell, just think of a certain American store beginning with ‘H’, which covers its shop floor in its signature cologne, luring eager shoppers into parting with their cash. Wearing the right aftershave not only makes you more physically appealing, but it also boosts your confidence. From the perfect office aroma to the ideal date-night scent, the fragrances you are about to encounter cover all bases. Go forth and spray…



CHANEL Allure Homme Sport

Infused with mandarin, orange, cedar and neroli, this cologne is instantly recognisable and is my favourite from Chanel. Its citrus opening lasts for hours, making it perfect for the summer months ahead, but its freshness also makes it a scent for all seasons. As the day goes on it morphs into a sweet, velvety, fruity fragrance that offers excellent longevity from the first spray. If there’s one aftershave every guy should have – it’s this one, as it’s perfect for both day and night.

Powerful. Masculine. Unforgettable. Sport has never been so luxurious!



This is one of my favourite fragrances for a night out. The fantastic thing about Armani Code is that it really kicks in an hour or two after applying it, meaning you smell better and better as the night goes on! This is a modern take on the classic male aftershave of woods and leathers, as the lemon and bergamot infusions give this scent a light and youthful twist. A.C. is fail-safe gift idea for any man; I’ve gone through countless bottles after developing an unhealthy addiction to this Armani dream.



Incredibly fruity, sensually spicy and all round incredible cologne, this D&G fragrance has become a classic of the Italian fashion house. The first time you spray The One, you’ll immediately notice its tropical aroma, with ginger and cocoa undertones. This is a great day scent and the only criticism I have is that it doesn’t last quite as long as Chanel. However, that doesn’t take away from its strikingly unique combination of smells, which create a modern and masculine aftershave that will be sure to get you noticed, wherever you are!



This was one of the first fragrances I have bought and it’s remained a staple of mine ever since. Hugo is what I would call an ‘everything aftershave’ – it’s one that you can wear to any event, with all of the ingredients to make it classic yet edgy and sophisticated yet masculine. This is a distinct scent and one that asserts its uniqueness without making any apologies or offering any restraint. For me, the base notes of fir balsam, cedarwood and patchouli are the aftershave’s high points – emanating slowly to give this fragrance longevity and staying power. In its uber cool military-like hip flask, Hugo by Hugo Boss has become an iconic cologne and is a necessity for every man.


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