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TV3 launches its broadest schedule yet | Jamie Tuohy

TV3 launched their autumn schedule today in Dublin’s Lighthouse cinema, and it promises to be its broadest and most diverse yet. However, what’s got everyone talking is a new show entitled Deception – the channel’s first ever homemade drama series.

The series cost €1.2 million to make and is a six-part tale of post-Celtic Tiger Ireland. Starring Leigh Arnold, Jim Norton, Conor Mullen and Vincent Walsh, Deception is set in Galway and is about six families who all hide a secret from each other, with murder lurking over the entire plot.

The coming autumn schedule will see the terrestrial channel showcasing 50 new programmes and 80 returning series, with a budget of €20 million for the year.

As well as Deception, TV3 have commissioned a new six-part comedy called On the Couch which is about three couples embarking on couples’ counselling. It promises to tell another story of contemporary Ireland and will star Barbara Bergin and Gary Cooke of Après Match fame.

According to the TV3 website, this season also includes ‘Tallafornia 2 (this time set in Santa Ponsa, Spain), Celebrity Salon 3, Alan Hughes Family Fortunes, Irish Celebrity Come Dine With Me, Battle of the Bridesmaids and the anticipated return of the Dublin Wives.’

The station’s flagship shows such as Ireland AM, Xposé, The Morning Show, Midweek, Midday and Tonight with Vincent Browne will all be retuning for the autumn months, however the Irish Apprentice has been axed. The eagerly anticipated remake of Dallas will also be shown on TV3.

TV3’s Director of Programming Ben Frow said: “For the first time ever we have home produced content across all genres and I think this makes it our most interesting autumn ever. You need to have new pieces in the mix that will surprise, challenge and excite the viewer – and demonstrate that TV3 is constantly growing and evolving as a channel. TV3’s 2012 schedule is entirely viewer led and designed to entertain the viewers at home.”

Check out some pics from the launch below:

The gorgeous Rosanna Davison with Irish style powerhouse Celia Holman Lee

Xposé girls: Glenda Gilson, Kirsteen O’Sullivan, Karen Koster and Lisa Cannon

TV3’s class of 2012

Dublin Housewives stars Roz Flanagan and Virginia Macari

Lisa Cannon and Karen Koster


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