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What I expect from Season 2 of Revenge | Jamie Tuohy

Here in Ireland, our national broadcaster has been showing the US hit drama Revenge at a steady and relatively speedy pace, with a double bill of retributive drama adorning our screens every Tuesday night. However, my appetite for its vengeful offerings was far greater than RTE’s weekly screening, so I decided to step out of the cave and enter the 21st century by watching the rest of the series online. How conformist of me.

I finally finished watching season 1 last night and Emily’s thorny (I promise you, I only realised after typing that word, what a beautiful pun it is – it really wasn’t intended) quest for justice looks set to continue into the series’ sophomore season. Now, rather than letting my excitement for the imminent series turn this post into a frenetic exercise in alliteration or a demonstration of my spontaneous word play, I’ve decided to cut straight to the chase, and follow the instructions of my blog’s name. More matter and less art, please Jamie.

Okay, there is no need to state just how brilliant and thrilling Mike Kelley’s Revenge is, and it’s safe to say that the season finale has whetted the appetites of millions of fans around the world.  However, mine has not just been whetted, but sharpened and seasoned with such zeal, that I’ve decided to foreshadow what’s in store for the Hamptons’ most beautiful people. (I think my affiliation for hyperbole could serve me well in Victoria’s inner circle). Here it is:


Season 2 will be opening with a wedding:

Mike Kelley has revealed that Season 2 will premiere with a wedding. I am hoping that the forthcoming nuptials will be those of my favourite opportunist, Ashley Davenport and ‘heir to the throne’, Daniel Grayson. Ashley has been Victoria’s lackey for long enough and I want to see her impeccable social climbing culminate in a Hamptons’ marriage. Hopefully she’ll get Daniel so drunk that he’ll marry her without being conscious of what he’s letting himself in for. I really hope that the creators of the show don’t make the wedding episode obvious by letting Jack and Amanda get married. We don’t want to see love (or a close second to love – we know Jack loves Emily more than Amanda), we want to see falsity and insincerity, created through marriages of convenience. Ashley and Daniel over Jack and Amanda, please!


Death and Victoria:

Victoria CANNOT die. Her ability to fight with Conrad in such a beautifully articulate and eloquent manner has me idolising this grammatically correct piece of perfection. Victoria is immortal. Such genius will never die. I predict that Victoria will be alive and well and will resurface in episode 2, which is appropriately entitled “Resurrection”. Victoria will probably have been smart enough to get off the plane before it takes off – perhaps a flashback to Conrad’s final words, in which he told her if she got on the plane, it will be the last thing she does will serve as the agent provocateur. However, I don’t expect Lydia to be as forward thinking and if anyone dies, IT WILL BE LYDIA.


Charlotte won’t die:

I don’t think Charlotte will die from an overdose. The early episodes of season 2 should see Charlotte in a hospital, after her ‘father’ Conrad made the 911 call. I also think that someone will discover Emily’s true identity and I think Charlotte is the only Grayson who has the true propensity for goodness, therefore I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if it were Charlotte who discovers just exactly who Emily Thorne is – and keeps her secret.


Emily will suffer at the hands of Takeda:

Nolan warned Emily to watch her back when it came to disobeying Takeda, so I’ve no doubt that he will resurface in a menacing manner to say the least. In the teaser clip for season 2, we are shown Emily tied to a wooden post under water and I’m 90% convinced that Takeda has something to do with this. Whether it’s a test of endurance for his protégée, or an act of villainy on his part, I’m undecided yet. Thoughts?


Ashley will have learned a thing or two from Victoria:

Whether or not Ashley marries Daniel is open for debate, but I definitely think these two will be an item in some shape or form in season 2. I think that we’ll see Daniel getting his hands dirtier at Grayson Global and I’m sure that Ashley will have a major part to play in it all.

The Loose Ends:

Here are a few certainties (well, I think so anyway).

Emily’s quest will extend beyond the Graysons in season 2. She’ll seek vengeance on a much larger scale, incorporating and undoubtedly trying to bring down the Americon Initiative which was mentioned in season 1’s finale. I think this will have some link to the clip shown in the teaser, as she appears to grapple with unknown forces. Of course, these could also be figures from Emily’s past.

Amanda is most certainly not pregnant with Jack’s baby. I think Takeda might be the father. He needed Emily to be emotionally uninvolved, especially with Jack. By getting Amanda pregnant and having her return, he knew Jack would do the honourable thing and stick with the girl who is apparently expecting his child. Too crazy?

I think the Grayson family will be extended – we’ll learn more about Victoria’s family and all about her past as Viccy Harper. Similarly, Conrad’s family before his marriage to Victoria should make an appearance.


Woah! That’s it guys! What do you all think? Do you agree with them? Or are you completely and utterly diametrically opposed to them? Tell me. I love all this ‘revengey’ stuff.


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