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Cheryl soliders on after car crash | Jamie Tuohy

Pop princess Cheryl Cole was doing the rounds of interviews this morning, just hours after jetting in from LA, where she was involved in a car crash with rapper friend and manager

Cheryl only returned from Los Angeles 36 hours before, but the Geordie singer wasted no time in hitting the promotional tour for her new single Under the Sun.

She joined Capital Breakfast hosts Lisa Snowdown and Dave Berry, wearing a sling after her accident and took the opportunity to shed some light on the car crash.

Telling Berry that she only had to wear the sling for three days, Cheryl put the initial shock of the crash behind her and joked that was to blame for the whole thing.

‘He’s a bad talker. He was talking the face off us,’ she said. ‘He was talking about Nasa and Mars.’

Cheryl was referring to the fact that’s single Reach For The Stars was recently beamed back to earth from Mars. She said that his motor mouth ways caused the Black Eyed Peas rapper to drive his Cadillac into the back of a parked car, as both he and Cheryl emerged from McDonalds.

Cheryl was left bloodied and in tears after the accident, due to the fact that her air bag never opened when the collision occurred, causing her to hit the dashboard full force, resulting in whiplash.

Both she and quickly took to Twitter to reassure fans that they were perfectly fine after the incident and Cheryl revealed to Fearne Cotton today that she’s looking to the future and is excited for Girls Aloud’s ten year anniversary in November.

What a trooper!


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