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Get the Hamptons’ Vengeful Style | Jamie Tuohy

Ireland’s national broadcaster has been showing the US hit drama Revenge at a competitively speedy pace, by screening a double bill of its retributive shenanigans every Tuesday night. However, RTE’s weekly vengeful offerings paled in comparison to my thirst for Hamptons’ dramaturgy, so I took it upon myself to step into the 21st century and emerge from the cave, to watch the rest of the premiere season online.

And boy, what a season finale it was, with murder, deceit and lust all intertwined into Mike Kelley’s thrilling inaugural series. It’s safe to say that the appetites of millions of fans around the world have been whetted in anticipation of the sophomore season of Revenge. However, while my attention has been firmly placed on Emily’s thorny (no pun intended) quest for filial justice, my gaze has also been duly fixed upon the impeccable style of the Hamptons’ most beautiful people. Sweeping gowns, velvet blazers, and thousand dollar accessories are as commonplace amongst Victoria, Conrad and Daniel et al, as the ever present rain is, here in Ireland.

When discussing Revenge in terms of its fashion, most of the discussion leans towards the immaculately groomed style of the leading ladies, but I think the male characters, especially Daniel, Nolan and Jack have all bases covered when it comes to men’s fashion. From classic Hamptons’ Ralph Lauren-style privilege in the form of Daniel Grayson, to Nolan’s quirky popped-up collar look, and right through to Jack’s laid back dress sense, Revenge presents an impossibly stylish melange of sartorial apparel.

It’s a look that takes its lead from Scott Disick, who has been described as one of the most important style icons of the last decade, and his classic-meets-preppy-via sometimes-relaxed style is evident in each one of the show’s male characters. Most of us guys don’t have billionaire fathers or global empires, but the Hamptons’ look isn’t as elitist or niche as one may think. It’s an adaptable and accessible style that is, in many ways; transcendental and this is because at its very origins, it’s simply a traditional beach-house look with a fancy persona.  Check out how to achieve the Hamptons’ look below:


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