The shocking pictures of Victoria Beckham the world thought they’d NEVER see | Jamie Tuohy

Victoria Beckham usually never steps outside the door looking anything less than immaculately groomed in one of her signature creations, so it must come as huge shock to see the fashion designer in a tracksuit, perish the thought.

And breathe … yes, it’s true!

The woman who once said she’s never smile, wear a tracksuit or don flats was spotted in this uber-relaxed attire, as she dropped her son Brooklyn to tennis camp.

Looking more Sporty Spice than Posh Spice, the former singer retained her signature oversized shades, but otherwise, there wasn’t a pencil dress or stiletto in sight.

Anyone expecting an astronomical surge in the amount of luminous green trainers being purchased by soccer moms all over the world in the next few weeks?

Victoria smiling/smirking, in flats and in a tracksuit. She has broken her own fashion rules!


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