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Celebrities ‘Then and Now’: The Transformations | Jamie Tuohy

Following the metamorphosis of Aaron Johnson that has been much reported on in the last number of weeks, I decided to take a look at the changing faces of certain celebrities. From their school days’ snaps as children, to their awkward year book photos, there are a certain number of famous faces, for whom puberty and time; have been very kind. Others, as you will see, appear to have had a little helping hand when it comes to Hollywood perfection, but there are certain celebrities for whom beauty and gorgeousness are simply part of their incredibly enviable genetic make-up.


Kate Moss:

Even as a school girl, Kate Moss was incredibly pretty. Her innocent visage and ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ smile may now be wholly ironic aspects to the modern-day grown up Kate, but as an uber-cute school girl, Kate Moss was already showing her super-model potential.

Justin Timberlake:

Long before he became a boyband member, a solo artist and an actor, Justin Timberlake was honing his performance skills in Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club and his penchant for performing can be seen from an early age. Long before being crowned one of the sexiest men alive, Justin was dressing up as a cute, albeit slightly cringe-worthy cowboy. I’m sure he can thank his mother …

Kim Kardashian:

I can only imagine how jealous Kim Kardashian’s friends must have been of her as a child. Even as a little girl, Kim’s beauty was apparent. Looking like the cutest little girl in the world, with a similar Moss-esque innocence, Kim’s sexy grown up image is a far cry away from her bow-wearing school days.

Khloe Kardashian:

I don’t want to be mean, so I’m just going to let this picture speak for itself.

George Clooney:

If ever anybody had a reason to write a thank-you letter to puberty, it’s George Clooney. Widely acknowledged as one of the best-looking men in the world, George’s early snaps are a long long LONG way away from his grown-up preened Hollywood image. Geeky glasses and an unfortunate haircut – this picture will serve as hope for millions of young guys around the world.

The Beckhams:

David and Victoria Beckham are one of the best looking couples in the world and not a whole lot has changed since their early days. Well, David has retained his cheeky grin, and has been hitting he gym, but Victoria looks pretty much the same – minus the smile and most likely, a few pounds. Seriously?! Is she actually the same weight as she was when she was 7?

One Direction:

This is the picture that will set millions of young girls around the world ‘ohhing’ and ‘ahhing’ over their heartthrobs. So, I’m not going to add to the fangirling with a conspicuously sycophantic commentary.

Sarah Jessica Parker:

I am refusing to make any equine-related gags. Well done Sarah, you’ve matured well.

THE TEENS / Twenty-Somethings

Lady Gaga:

Before she began telling everyone that they were ‘Born This Way’ and asking people to ‘put their paws up’, Lady Gaga was a normal-looking teenager named Stephanie Germanotta. Oh how times have changed. *Coughs, nose job*.

Simon Cowell:

Seriously, what were you thinking? Nowadays, Mr Cowell isn’t exactly renowned for his fashion prowess, but back in the 80s, his sense of style was even more, shall we say, ‘subjective.’ He probably thought it looked good at the time. For the majority of us with common sense and EYES, we see the unfortunate nature of reality. Still, the 21st century Cowell is a mild improvement.

Anna Wintour:

Largely believed to be the inspiration behind the film The Devil Wears Prada, Anna Wintour is not to be messed with. However, back in whatever century this first photo was taken, it looks like Anna was messing experimenting with her style. Awkward, frumpy and slightly unsure of itself, her style in the 70s/80s was hardly Voguish.


Now the subject of countless ‘they said I wouldn’t get a girl’ memes, rapper Drake’s 17-year-old self is a far cry from his modern-day alter-ego, who writes with Rihanna and has millions of girls all over the world lusting after him.

Ryan Seacrest:

Hold in your laughter! Talk about a transformation! Seacrest is virtually unrecognisable from his awkward high-school days. With the braces, the glasses and the chubby cheeks, he was a walking ‘geeky’ stereotype. Another guy who should be writing a love letter to puberty …

Jennifer Garner:

See above commentary of Ryan. Jennifer and Ryan would have been a well-matched couple if they met during their high school days. Before Garner became a glamorous actress, she was very 13 Going on 30 in her teenage years. See what I did there?

And the ones who got some ‘help’:

Demi Moore:

Demi Moore became the envy of thousands of women all over the world when she bagged Ashton Kutcher, who was 15 years her junior. However, Demi’s road to becoming one of the most beautiful women in the world wasn’t entirely down to good genes. No, it is believed that she spent a whopping $200,000 on plastic surgery to get her famous “Charlies’ Angels” body.

Joan Rivers:

Joan Rivers has been nipped and tucked more times than Britney Spears has flashed her knickers in public and the acid-tongued veteran comedienne doesn’t show any signs of ageing gracefully. Though surgical enhancements costing thousands of dollars, Joan’s former self has become a distant memory.

Zac Efron:

Zac may be to teenage girls what George Clooney is to the slightly older generation, but his good looks aren’t entirely natural. He had some dental work and an impressive nose-job to break into Hollywood.


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