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Kim Kardashian reveals her love for Cheryl Cole | Jamie Tuohy

Cheryl Cole certainly isn’t short of celebrity admirers, with Rihanna, Tom Daley and Olly Murs expressing their love for the Under the Sun singer, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise to hear that a certain Hollywood reality TV star has professed their amour for Chezza.

Kim Kardashian has confessed that she is a massive fan of the Geordie songstress, and after spotting her in an LA gym, gushed about how beautiful the 29-year-old singer is.

Speaking in a recent interview, the media-powerhouse said of the Girls Aloud Star,

“I think she’s so beautiful. I saw her at the gym once with no make-up on and she was just as gorgeous, if not more, looking natural.”

Kim’s beau, rapper Kanye West has previously stated that he thinks Cheryl has what it takes to “take on the world.”

However, with Cheryl reportedly loved-up with new boyfriend Tre Holloway, I can’t see her making a visit to chez Kardashian anytime soon!


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