William jokes “I hope I don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions” as he and Kate put topless scandal behind them | Jamie Tuohy

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have certainly had an eventful week and as they continued their Royal tour of South-East Asia, they put the ‘topless scandal’ behind them, as they were hoisted up 130-foot tree in Borneo.

Following the distasteful publication of pictures of Kate sunbathing topless, by French rag Closer, the Duchess managed to forget about the scandal by visiting the Danum Valley research centre in Borneo.

The work at the centre is being carried out by the Royal Society, a society of which Prince William is a patron. It is responsible for major conservation work and researches the increasing impact of deforestation, with high-level corruption being one of the main reasons for continued deforesting in Sabah.

Kate managed to look effortlessly glamorous in a casual blouse and khakis, and as she and William waited to be hoisted up a 130-foot tree, her husband joked, “Girls don’t have the same wardrobe malfunctions as men do.  I hope I don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions.”

A source close to the couple said that while they were disgusted with the grotesque actions of the French magazine, they weren’t going to let it impede upon their Royal duties.

‘The Duke and Duchess are hugely disappointed by what has happened but both feel very strongly that it should be business as usual,’ the source said.

‘They feel it has been a great success so far and have thoroughly enjoyed the places they have visited and the people they have met.

‘Even yesterday, when they were reeling from the shock of what happened, their smiles were entirely genuine.

‘They are determined to press ahead and that it should be business as usual.

It’s good to see the Royals giving the disgraceful aforementioned incident the jest it deserves. Nice one William!


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