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Olly Murs becomes a millionaire | Jamie Tuohy


Olly Murs is officially a millionaire.

According to accounts filed for the end of last year on behalf of his company, Stanley Entertainment, the Dance With Me Tonight singer has made over a million pounds since finishing as runner-up on The X Factor in 2009.

And the good news for Olly is that the accounts don’t take into consideration the cash he has made since December ’11, so they discount the hundreds of thousands he will have raked in from his number 1 album In Case You Didn’t Know and similarly, he will have made another small fortune from his UK and Irish arena tour.

A source close to the singer said, “Olly is a real grafter – he has worked his socks off since he took part in The X Factor.”

“He is constantly juggling working on the Xtra Factor, touring and recording new music, so every penny is hard earned.”

“When I first met him he was working in a call centre on six quid an hour.”

And it looks like the dosh is set to keep on rolling in for the tight-trouser-wearing singer, as his autobiography Happy Days is set to be released in early October and his first single, Troublemaker from his third album, Right Place, Right Time is also impending. And add to that the cash Olly will make from hosting the Xtra Factor and the money earned from his forthcoming second arena tour.

Any chance of a loan Mr Murs?


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