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X Factor Drama: Rough Copy out, Times Red and Union J back in | Jamie Tuohy

Axing, shake-ups and new band member additions. Welcome to the world of the X Factor.

Yes, the TV talent show has been given shake-up, after Rough Copy were booted out of the competition and Triple J and Times Red have been offered a place at judges’ houses instead of them.

Rough Times: Rough Copy have been booted out

It seems all very fixed complicated, doesn’t it? Well here’s what happened.

Rough Copy, who made it to Louis’ judges’ house were axed from the competition when it emerged that one of the band’s members, Kazeem Ajobe, 23, had left it too late to apply for a Visa and risked deportation. Ajobe, who was born in Nigeria, but now lives in South London, was told that he and his band members would have to leave the competition immediately. Gamu-gate much?

The new Triple J: George Shelley joins Triple J, to be renamed, Union J

New member: George Shelley

Rough Copy were firm favourites and Louis said that because they were so strong as a band, he needs two bands to replace them.

Taking Rough Copy’s place in Vegas for Louis’ judges’ houses segment, will be Triple J, who, originally, narrowly missed out on a place in Vegas on Saturday’s show.

However, the drama doesn’t end there, as it has emerged that Triple J, will now be called Union J, as they invited soloist George Shelley to join their group. (In a bid to become the new One Direction, no doubt!)

Second chance: Times Red are back in the competition

Times Red, who also failed to make it to Vegas will join Union J and the five other acts to battle it out for one of the four coveted spots in the live shows. The Abercrombie models said they were “delighted” to be given a second chance, and they will be doing everything in their power to impress Louis Walsh.

Speaking about the shake-up, Louis said,

“I asked Gary, Nicole and Tulisa if they minded if I took a seventh act.”

“They were happy as they felt they’d got the right six acts for their Judges’ Houses trips so I asked Times Red to come along and they said yes.”

Looks like the search for the next One Direction big  X Factor  boy band is on!


One thought on “X Factor Drama: Rough Copy out, Times Red and Union J back in | Jamie Tuohy

  1. arlette says:

    I am so shocked that rough copy has left the x factor,they were a breath of fresh air(raw & new talent)why do the judges allow this to happen ? should they not make sure that all this is sorted out before hand,did this not happen once before.they should allow them back in as a wild card if they are able to sort out this minor problem

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