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One Direction’s new Pepsi commercial released | Jamie Tuohy

One Direction’s commercial for Pepsi has finally debuted online and the ad sees the five-piece battling it out with American footballer Drew Brees, over who deserves the last can of the soft drink.

The Pepsi ad cements the 1D boys’ status as fully-fledged superstars, as they join the ranks of David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears – all of whom have promoted the cola drink in the past.

One Direction’s new single Live While We’re Young can be heard playing in the background and as Niall suggests to Drew that he can join the band if he gives Harry the can of Pepsi, the NFL star gets on stage to sing with the boys.

Harry and Co. appear to be going from strength to strength Stateside, as they broke another record this week after their new single became the fastest-selling single by a non-UK artist on the Billboard charts.

Live While We’re Young failed to make the UK No.1 spot, but sold 341,000 copies in its opening week in America. After their success across the pond, the band’s only Irish member, Niall Horan said,

“We’re so happy with the success of the single in the USA and can’t wait for everyone to hear our new album. Thank you to all the fans once again!”

Check out the video below:



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