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Will the ‘One Direction effect’ help Union J to win The X Factor?

Ella Henderson may be the bookies’ favourite to win The X Factor, but with a host of celebrities backing them, teenage girls drooling over them and staggering amounts of followers on Twitter, will Union J win the talent show by capitalising on the fangirls One Direction have created?

Last weekend saw the beginning of The X Factor live shows and in its typically dramatic style, it ended on Sunday night, shrouded in controversy and accusations of the show being fixed, when producer Richard Holloway was seen apparently telling Louis who to vote for in the sing-off.

However, what’s less surprising is that Union J, who, arguably, gave one of the weaker performances on Saturday night managed to make it through to next round.

The three-piece sang a catastrophically mediocre version of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, but despite their poor performance, Union J are already favourites amongst viewers and celebs alike, even if the bookies haven’t placed them in the running for the title.

The boys already have their own manager and have over 230,000 followers on Twitter – several thousand more than any of the other contestants. Amelia Lily, Marcus Collins and Conor Maynard have all expressed their admiration for these boys.

Even though their vocals failed to impress the judges on Saturday, a whopping 5927 tweets a minute were composed about Union J, which is driving extremely close to 1D fan territory. Expect a collision in the future.

The addition of George Shelley was an obvious move on the producers’ part to recreate the success of One Direction and if the virtual hype can transcend into votes, then it looks like Union J could very well be the next One Direction. Perish the thought.


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